Ramsgate Hovercraft

Ramsgate Hovercraft

Sat 19 Apr 2014 7:00 pm

Tickets: £5.00

A psychedelic duo who are writing another chapter in the legacy of last century’s unlearned traditions. Synths, phasing, fuzz & filters, echoing ambience and sledgehammer subtlety all play their part in THE RAMSGATE HOVERCRAFT’s sound.

Kit Jolly cuts, scythe-like, through the purple haze with electronics & sax, while Mark Bandola (ex-frontman in post-punk rockers, THE LUCY SHOW) wields his synthesizer & electric guitars in beatific abandon.

Their debut double vinyl LP ‘Arcane Empire’ is a sprawling testament to all that can be evoked in the melting pot wake of NY no-wave, Miles’ funkiest trips, 70s’ german experiments, abstract expressionism, and post=modern “field” recordings. Album available now to buy online here and there will LP’s for sale at the show.

The group’s premiere show is promised to be a theatrical & sensory masterclass. Outsider art at it’s most touching. Do not miss.