Young Knives

Young Knives

Wed 25 Jun 2014 7:30 pm

Tickets: £8.00

We are Young Knives: Henry, House of Lords and Olly. We are three weirdos from the East Midlands. We have been around forever and made four pretty neat albums and a bunch of EPs. In 2013 we released our best album ever, called Sick Octave. Sure lots of people thought it would be some merry chant-along post-punk thing, but it was in reality a nightmare journey through our filthy minds. It’s good though, a bit different and that.

In November 2013 we took Sick Octave on the road as a stage show. It had nudity, bad language, synths and a lot of noise. In March 2014 we have upped our game a bit with Sicker Octave. This time it will be a perfect match of the darker bits of our old albums (Voices of Animals and Men, Superabundance and Ornaments from the Silver Arcade) and Sick Octave, but it will have more blood, more vomit, more nudity. It’s gonna be like an orgy full of Morris dancers where a psychopath turns up with a bag of rabid bats.

Praise for ‘Sick Octave’
‘Young Knives have spun a double six… Songs vibrate with a poppiness that gleams through the weirdness’ 8/10 NME
‘Sick Octave leads into bold new terrain’  Q
‘A startlingly strange and diverse album’  MOJO

‘A bold new direction for the trio’ 8/10 CLASH

‘The opening salvo of songs are possibly the greatest works that Young Knives have ever committed to record – and that is high praise… Sick Octave is something of a stunner’ 9/10 SUBBA-CULTCHA

‘A brilliant and bewildering roar of conviction from a band reaching a creative zenith.’ THE QUIETUS