The Doomed Bird of Providence

Doomed Bird of Providence

+ Cosmic Thoughts

Fri 27 Jun 2014 7:30 pm

Tickets: £6.00

The Doomed Bird of Providence are a London-based band who perform dark, folk inspired songs about colonial times in Australia that are frequently forgot. Mark Kluzek, lead singer and main songwriter, is himself an Australian who has made his home in the UK. The band have released two albums on Manchester label Front and Follow.

“Like nightmares punctuated by reverie, these Australians are as compelling as they come” – Americana UK

Cosmic Thoughts is the fifth and most developed project recorded by the group, based in and around the South-East of England.
A going concern since 2010, Cosmic Thoughts has had numerous contributors work with constant members George and Ross. These have included mainly alumni of the punk/hardcore scene, but not until 2013 did Cosmic Thoughts become a fully secure performance ensemble, with Mark, Chris and eventually Scott rounding out the group.!
After putting out the self-recorded ‘No Youth’ live demo last year, the natural progression was to form a complete set around the piece, and capture a full performance for general release. The seven pieces explore the main compositional and aesthetic contexts of that initial track to further extents; The driving, layered and dense post-punk of ‘Decayer,’ offset against the cold, aggressive post-hardcore of ‘Saint Jude’ anchor more abstract ideas on the brooding, hypnotic ‘Ulysses,’ and ‘Apollo’s’ contrasting, thumping art-pop. The beginnings of repeato-instrumental experimentation in ‘Test Dream’ and ‘Old Scratch’ also balance a record that takes strong inspiration from unlimited mid-to-late twentieth century pop music styles without trite “retromania” that has a such strong-hold on current pop genres, and pushes what the band deem simply as their take on ‘punk’ forward, ever forward. Lead track ‘No Youth’ picked up the attention of UK indie powerhouse Fat Cat Records for their new publishing initiative, the shared demo-version of the track causing quite a stir in the Autumn of 2013. !