Mile Me Deaf

Mile Me Deaf

+ Flash Bang Band

Thu 18 Sep 2014 7:30 pm

Tickets: £7.50

The new Mile Me Deaf album “Holography“ is the most direct, personal and cohesive album of Wolfgang Möstl’s carrer. Recorded in three different studios, it recalls the sonic innovation and lush cohesion of big names like Flaming Lips, Ween or Yo La Tengo. “Holography“ is a tapestry of fine melody and elegant noise, rhythmic shadow play and shy-eyed brass beauty, songfulness and experimentation.

It’s the second time that Mile Me Deaf’s Mastermind Wolfgang Möstl has collaborated with producer Patrick Pulsinger, best known for his work as 90ties electronic pioneer and his recent productions with Hercules and Love Affair, Patrick Wolf, Elektro Guzzi etc. He has helped the band hone a set of songs as multifaceted as they are seamless – flowing from the low-key shimmy of “Shiver”, the sunny bright “Macrosleep” to the muted motoric kick of “Motor Down“ to the fuzzy distortion of “Cryptic Boredom“ and right through to the cagey groove and horns of the gorgeous album closer “Third from the Sun“, named after a 60ties Twillight Zone episode.

Numavi/OchoReSotto recording session am Rostfest 2014 – mile me deaf – motor down from OchoReSotto on Vimeo.