Thu 12 Mar 2015 7:30 pm

Tickets: £7.00

A recent review of this 3 piece said “A little Jesus And Mary Chain, a lot of Black Tambourine and one hell of a voice”.

This London trio’s debut album was produced by Bernard Butler (famed guitarist of Suede). The album captures the intensity of being young in 14 deceptively simple pop songs that take their power from Rachel Kenedy’s extraordinary voice – ‘Madonna through a broken tape machine’.

Indeed, Flowers’ genius is in their ability to convey a remarkable amount of emotion with minimal instrumentation. Rachel possesses one of those beautiful pop voices to die for, with echoes of Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins), whilst guitars chime and churn with an incredible intensity and drums rip right through with urgency and precision, resulting in a beautiful album that conjures up a strange and entrancing sort of magic. Haunting, mesmerizing and intense.

This little lot are bound for stardom!