+ Cosmic Thoughts

Mon 18 Apr 2016 7:30 pm

Tickets: £12.00

We are thrilled to have Montréal’s Ought came and visit us. We are starting to tick off some of Canada’s finest offerings having had the wonderful Dan Snaith from Caribou, Braids and Viet Cong, all having popped in and enthralled us in 2015.

This Canadian post-punk band’s second full-length release ‘Sun Coming Down’ has a twitchy and economical sound, unfussy with understated rhythms. Performed with a kind of relaxed intensity that’s utterly engrossing and allows their wit and emotional complexity to shine through, stronger than ever.

Imagine filling a long sock with chunks of The Fall and early Talking Heads, then whirling it a round your head, and listening to the new concoction flying forth… would sound a bit like Ought!