Demob Happy / Tigercub

Demob Happy / Tigercub

Sun 16 Oct 2016 7:30 pm

Tickets: £7.00

Ramsgate will erupt on Sunday October 16th with a co headline tour…

Demob Happy’s debut LP: “Dream Soda’ is a frantic, fucked-up mission statement to rival the best” – DIY Mag

Armed only with an arsenal of guitars and northern chips on their slender shoulders, Demob Happy are here to wage a war on cultural mediocrity and political complacency – and they won’t quit until they’ve flipped wigs and taken scalps. Their targets are legion: David Cameron and Ed Sheeran. Big business and the banking system. Trust fund fuckers.

This Newcastle-spawned, Brighton-based quartet had a sound to match their invective. Drawing on the likes of Nirvana, Queens of The Stone Age, Melvins, The Beatles, The Stooges and Kyuss for source material, theirs is off-kilter pop music wrapped up in a barbed-wire body bag, dunked in honey and left out in a woodland clearing for the feral beasts to peck and pick apart. Heavy, heady and with a set of snarling teeth.

Demob Happy’s ‘Succubus’

Tigercub ‘ Pictures of you’