Matt Deighton

Matt Deighton

Sun 12 Mar 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £10.00

2017 will finally see the reemergence of British folk’s most enigmatic lost son. You may recognize Matt Deighton from his time fronting Acid Jazz heroes Mother Earth; you may remember him as Paul Weller’s guitarist in the late 90’s, or Noel Gallagher’s recommendation for who should replace him when he quit the European tour in 2000. Or maybe you don’t. For the past decade, the man they keep calling the natural successor to Nick Drake, Davey Graham and John Martyn has been himself more of a rumour – a murmur among musicians, songwriters and diehard music lovers who proudly display his rare vinyl releases like trophies.

The list of articles in the press and online has continued unabated, forever asking the same question: Where is Matt Deighton? As the Huffington Post discovered in their recent piece ‘The Resurrection of Matt Deighton’: He’s back.

Now he is finally releasing a lost classic written with Squeeze’s Chris Difford and recorded with Richard Causon, and applying the finishing touches to his long awaited new solo album. Yes, Matt Deighton is back, and as the Sunday Times declared – “…it’s impossible to imagine fans of Nick Drake of John Martyn not falling in love with him…”

“ A singer-songwriter whose records, listened to afresh and from the remove of many years, come to the listener like treasure unearthed. He’s a man who for too long has remained undercover, turned in on himself, gone missing. But he’s back… One of this country’s best kept secrets… (who) with no small amount of brilliance wrote a little-known chapter of British musical history…” – The Huffington Post

He’s also a long lost friend of my lovely wife, and I’m looking forward to finally meeting him!