+ The New Nervous Kind

Wed 15 Mar 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £5.00

Nice story…

A dreary night in October… the legendary Michael Eavis enters a wonderfully dark & dingy local pub/venue in Bristol called the Small Horse. He had come to see a new band his waiter suggested a few nights earlier. So impressed was Michael with this new band, ‘SleepTalking’ and their hard edged alt-rock performance, he immediately invited them to play Glastonbury 2017, with the added kudos of a personal on-stage introduction by the man himself.

Giving a listen to their first single ‘All Hope Is Lost’ we reckon it’s the *lost English son of Scott Weiland…

The birth of a British STONE TEMPLE PILOTS … see what you think*

So, who are SleepTalking?

SleepTalking are a young Bristol based 5 piece: Fred Hickey (guitar), Dan O’Connell (Bass), Rhys Friery (Keys) Jack Hamilton (drums), fronted by the mercurial and dynamic vocalist Tom Nozek.