Simon Boswell say FLICK YOU

Simon Boswell say FLICK YOU

Sat 25 Mar 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £12.00

Simon Boswell says FLICK YOU.

A live film soundtrack mash up – In association with ‘Ramsgate International Film Festival’

If you’re a movie fan you’ll certainly know his music: Simon Boswell is one of the UK’s finest living soundtrack composers.’ TIME OUT MAGAZINE

Those who witnessed his first mind-blowing show at the Music Hall last year, will no doubt be first in line to witness Simon’s return to our venue on Saturday, March 25th with his band, ‘the And’.

An immersive, psychedelic, filmic journey, the set contains specially created new versions of his music accompanied by startling videos remixed from the many films he has scored. The show also features filmed vocal performances by legends Dario Argento, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Richard Stanley and Iggy Pop whose contributions are integrated, seamlessly, into the performance as virtual band members.

If you’re thinking this is a safe excursion into pretty soundtracks and lovely tunes, then think again! Simon describes the show as ‘The Velvet Underground meets early Floyd, conducted by Bernard Hermann (composer of all Hitchcock’s music) – on acid.’

This performance is also a featured event of the Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival, so book tickets early!

Tickets are £12