Samantha Crain

Samantha Crain


Sat 01 Apr 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £9.00

Samantha Crain is live at Ramsgate Music Hall, no April fools allowed!
The richness of Crain’s voice and the elegant simplicity of the musical arrangements bring drama to these stories. And the striking imagery of her lyrics finds beauty and pathos in the details of downtrodden livesThe Guardian

A deft patchwork of stories and impressions largely drawn from first-hand experienceUnCut

‘You Had Me at Goodbye’ is the fifth full length studio album from Samantha Crain. This wildly original album stands as the authoritative statement thus far from an uncommonly insightful and intrepid musician.

Crain, who recently turned 30, has often been pegged an “old soul” by reviewers and music writers, beginning at her first release at the age of 19. Crain found that for some time, she yearned to fit that mold. As she puts it, “That label permeated me: my songwriting, my demeanor, my aesthetic.

I acted older than I was, or how I thought older people acted, because I was unsure of myself, as any young person can be, in many ways.” Coming of age, for Crain, probably seems counterintuitive to longtime fans flame coloured hair, increasingly comical stage banter, and, most notably, a new embrace of something previously absent in her catalogue so far: the pop song.

New album “You Had Me At Goodbye” out March 24, 2017… just in time for our show. Fabulous, get learning those lines!

Support is from A.Dyjecinski (EH-DEE-YEAH-CHIN-SKI) is originally from Nanaimo, British Columbia and lived for many years in Ontario but currently resides in London, U.K. where he works out of a home studio. His debut self-recorded album is as gritty and raw as it is minimal and vulnerable.

“Wonderful sound of slow moving country lounge from the playbook of a Bill Callahan or a Kurt Wagner. The crowning glory is the voice, a deep but soft and trembling instrument in thrall to the soaring guitar”