Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois

+ Adam Coney

Wed 05 Apr 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £21.00

Night of heavy sun ‘Daniel Lanois’ solo instrumental.
Ramsgate Music Hall is utterly thrilled to announce a night with Daniel Lanois. You may not know him that well, or at all. But he’s produced or composed some of the most important albums that you most definitely do know and likely own.

Last year he released Goodbye to Language, this was constructed entirely from the sounds of the pedal steel guitar, Daniel on the steel and his mate Rocco Deluca on the lap steel with compositional rigour that recalls the 20th century dreamscapes of Ravel and Debussy merged with a sense of sonic futurism.

A profoundly expressive work, Goodbye to Language recalls Lanois’ pivotal work with Eno as well as the sounds he used to form iconic albums like Bob Dylan’s Time Out of Mind, U2’s pivotal Achtung Baby, and works by Peter Gabriel, Emmylou Harris and others, as well his own last album Flesh And Machine.

He hits the UK for a small solo tour, where he’ll be performing tracks from his last LP Goodbye to Language amongst other experimental material. His stage set up is such that he generates the sounds of a band filling a room, even though alone on stage.

This will be magical. Unique. Individual. And an unrepeatable experience. This show is exactly why we created the Ramsgate Music Hall, to try and help deliver incredible musical memories. Sounds a bit w@nk, but it’s bloody true!

“Reflects his early production work with Brian Eno (notably On Land and Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks), and nuances heard later as grace notes and sympathetic background ambience amid the productions he developed for Michael Brook, Jon Hassell, U2, and Bob Dylan, among others.” – Disquiet.com

“His genius is to seize sounds that appear commonly in the language of song (weepy gospel cadences, clipped rock chords, the ever-graceful sound of the steel guitar) and then fracture them into bits and gorgeously shimmering droplets, removed from their usual narrative context. Where they can signify anything, or nothing.” – NPR Music

This is Daniel live from his basement in Toronto.
You cannot get much more personally than that!

Daniel Lanois and Rocco Deluca ‘Satie’