Steve Ignorant's Slice of Life

Steve Ignorant. Slice of Life

+ Stephen EvEns

Sun 09 Apr 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £10.00

“Years ago I read a book called Brighton Rock, for days the atmosphere of that story stayed with me and I’ve always wanted to create an album that would have that same effect on people.” —- Steve Ignorant


Having cut his punk teeth in infamous CRASS, Steve Ignorant’s latest project – Slice Of Life – allows for the more contemplative side of his song-writing to reveal itself. Like musical depictions of a British kitchen-sink drama, the songs on the debut album Love and a Lamp-post (Overground Records, 2014) provide vivid vignettes of the everyday. Both personal and universal, Slice of Life present ruminations from the bar stool honed on the late-night walk home. Musically, the band is built on an acoustic arrangement of piano, guitar and bass. Having shed the punk noise that defined Crass, Slice of Life retain the emotional impact and compassion that has long distinguished Steve’s work.

Currently, Slice of Life are writing new songs and touring extensively all over the UK and Europe. They have recently supported kindred-spirits Sleaford Mods to capacity crowds at venues such as London’s Forum and performed at the Rebellion, Wickerman and Something Else A Bit North festivals.

“Crass has a huge legacy and their importance can’t be overstated, but Steve was always just an ordinary, if intelligent, punk who happened to become the singer. He didn’t ask to be cast as some sort of ‘Voice of a Generation’. This album is his chance to move on and he has succeeded in making an interesting album full of honesty and gritty charm.” – Louder Than War


In support we have Stephen EvEns (aka Stephen Gilchrist) has mis-spent the good years gifted him by touring the world and elsewhere as an auxiliary cog in the machinery of major “indie-stardom”. – A sideman. – A player, if you will. – A sticks-man, a foil perhaps but never a “session musician.”

No such thing. Look it up.

Lucky enough to have stood for some years behind the likes of Graham Coxon, The Damned, Charlotte Hatherley and, for one brief week, Cardiacs, he has decided to shun the tourbus life and take a walk through his own songbook for a change.

And for you Thanet types, a good friend of Owen Thomas!
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