Blood Sport

+ Good Name DJ's

Sat 22 Apr 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £0.00

Warped Digital Indie Afterbeat brilliance.

THIS IS A FREE EVENT – Band + DJ’s + For a fabulous night out!
“A glorious fusion of opposing forces:
African-ensconsed rhythms – endless melody-imbued grooves
wrangling with seething & contorted kraut-disco virility” LOUD & QUIET

How like three lads from the soggy streets of Sheffield to take afrobeat, a genre built around communal joy and celebration, and twist it into something so dark and alien.

And on what planet would the resulting unholy marriage of noise rock and African percussive pounding be anything other than a discardable mess of an experiment, fated to join the mass grave containing the rotting corpses of such ill-advised fusion scenes as grindie and crunkcore?

The planet, judging by Blood Sport’s performance at the Cafe Oto is this one. Anyone disappointed by Battles’ phoned-in 2015 record can rest easy knowing that the spirit of their early EPs is alive and well in the form of these three canny Northerners.


“Like Golden Teacher jamming with Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force and 23 Skidoo, the trio skilfully navigate disparate, worldly influences to forge a blistering and deeply infectious sound driven by pounding drums, chipping guitars and yelping, urgent vox for a very direct, Northern English sort of chop up.” Boomkat

Blood Sport – Reflective Orange