The Coathangers – Our 500th Show

The Coathangers - 500th Show

+ Frau Pouch

Tue 23 May 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £8.00

Come and celebrate our ‘500th Show’ with the…
The Coathangers live at Ramsgate Music Hall
3-piece American Punk Rockers
3 and a half years in and we’ve reached our 500th show!
Come and celebrate, we have a FABULOUS RAFFLE, with great prizes, RMH T-shirts, LPs, Tickets, A Joint of Ham, Quorn Sausage Rolls and other treats!
Support from Frau Pouch
When The Coathangers first stormed on the scene over a decade ago, their power resided in their ability to craft a crooked hook out of a grimy guitar line, a delightfully crass chorus, or an enticingly ham-fisted drum-and-bass groove. With each successive album, the Atlanta garage punk ensemble has increasingly tempered their brash charm with sharp-witted pop.

Not that the band ever fully excised the primal howl of The Gories or the sparse strut of ESG, but with the trio’s latest EP, Parasite, The Coathangers explore the space between their initial unbridled expressionism and their recent nuanced song craft. “I’d like to think the EP takes you on a journey through the band’s existence,” says guitarist/vocalist Julia Kugel of the sequencing of the five songs on their latest offering.

‘Its excellence and momentum vastly outweigh one’s ability to describe it.’ Spin

‘They are so unique and unforgiving but without losing what makes them enjoyable. (Their last LP) Nosebleed Weekend couldn’t have been made by any other band. Frankly, it couldn’t have been made by The Coathangers five years ago. This is the result of three women who have perfected their sound, now it’s our job to listen.’ Punk News

The Coathangers – Watch Your Back

The Coathangers – Down Down