Nadia Reid

Nadia Reid

+ Jim Ghedi

Wed 23 Aug 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £9.00

Live in Ramsgate on her 26th Birthday.

“Reid is a remarkably talent, assured, clever and confident singer-songwriter… a devastating youthful wisdom that gives her songs a feeling of lasting profundity” – The Guardian

An ode to self-reflection and self-betterment, her new LP ‘Preservation’ is the sound of Nadia showing her true colours, taking back a bit of power, and learning more about herself. Deeply intellectual but felt by all, it punches harder than before.

Nadia’s beautifully warm vocals coolly wrap around feelings of turbulence, and exude a gently improved confidence. “This record is about being OK with who I am in the world, and who I want to be. Learning to live with the fact I’m a person who operates differently to others,” admits Nadia. “I’m richer for the fact I am a musician. Without this way of being, I couldn’t write songs.”

Nadia Reid – The Arrow & The Aim (6 Music Live Room session)

Nadia Reid – Reaching Through

Support comes in the shape of Jim Ghedi.

His next record will be out on Basin Rock (Nadia’s UK/Euro label).