Bright Light Bright Light

Bright Light Bright Light


Thu 07 Sep 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £9.00

Elton John endorsed, that’s Bright Light Bright Light
Playing just 7 UK shows, this new POP Glitz bomb is coming to Ramsgate… Not a normal Ramsgate event… but might just be up some peoples pop street!
See what the papers say… they cannot praise him high enough!

“A lavish and maximalist affair, full of wistful, heartfelt pop songs.” — The Guardian

“Resistance to its charms are futile.” — Mojo

“Out-and-out pop album of the year.” — Record Collector, ★★★★★

“A brilliant record” — PopGlitz

A brand new track from Bright Light Bright Light and September tour dates — the project of vocalist, songwriter and producer Rod Thomas—is out now. Listen to “New York Pretty”.

This is the first track to debut from Bright Light Bright Light’s forthcoming EP Tales of the City, set for release 7th July. The title is taken from the seminal Armistead Maupin series of the same name, and chronicles, in part, Thomas’ move from London to New York.

Rod and his band are also playing US dates this summer, including in his beloved New York, which will be followed by a September tour across the UK.

“It has the same idea as “Big Business” starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin”, says Thomas of New York Pretty, “that you’ve been in a place that doesn’t feel right to you, and then one day you find yourself in a place that immediately feels like home. For some, that’s the countryside, a beach, or maybe where they grew up, for me it was New York where everything made sense and I felt the best about myself in a very long time.”

The EP serves as a companion piece to Bright Light Bright Light’s acclaimed 2016 release Choreography, and features Choreography favourite “Into The Night” as well as a new track called “Thinking About It.”

“Choreography…swoons listeners with bursts of ‘80s-inspired pop
and colourful, melodic anthems.” — OUT

Bright Light Bright Light – Running Back to You (feat. Elton John)

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