The Buttertones

The Buttertones

Thu 14 Sep 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £8.00

The Buttertones – hard-edged and aggressive surf garage… think 60’s Sonics

The RMH team bloody love this lot… it will be a first UK tour, get a chunk of this lot good and early…

The Buttertones’ new LP Gravedigging is more a movie waiting to happen than an album — or a soundtrack just waiting to inspire a movie, with scene after scene of action and tension.

The take everything good and true about American music before the Beatles prettied it up (surf, sweet soul, the boss saxophone-overdrive garage of the Northwest wailers like the Sonics).

Matches it to punk energy, post-punk precision and the kind of personality that blows the circuit-breakers at a backyard party.

Hitting the UK for a short run… Ramsgate included!

The Buttertones – Gravediggin

The Buttertones – “Matador