B.A. Johnston – FREE Show

B.A. Johnston

+ The Apathy Band

Sat 21 Oct 2017 7:30 pm

Tickets: £

B.A. Johnston live in England for the very first (and possibly last…) time
A FREE Show with The Apathy Band in support_

Still need to book a place… Gonna be a ‘mighty raucous’ party!

This Canadian “failed showman on the skids” (his words), is often compared to G.G. Allin for the semi naked antics but the reality is far cuddlier, think more like John Shuttleworth auditioning for Fat White Family and you’re probably closer to the mark.

B.A. has been almost constantly traversing Canada for over ten years building a true cult following for both his unique songs and incredibly exuberant stage performance. Somehow we’ve managed to persuade him to leave his native Canada (for the first time in his life) and come to the UK for a small run of (probably never to be asked back) shows.

Expect songs about cheap beer, drinking beer in a car, and drinking so much beer that you are worried you will fall out of a canoe and drown. The infectious joy of his shows is truly breathtaking, the songs and the man himself are a true one off. This almost definitely once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the whole thing in person should really not be missed.

Supporting we are very lucky to have…
The Apathy Band

They are an aleatory imaginative evangelical collaboration asking audiences to make art, dance and sing. The Apathy Band was initiated by artist Bob and Roberta Smith to engage students at the Cass school of Art in exploring experimental musical notation.

The Band features saxophonist George Clegghorn, artist Jessica Voorsanger as announcer of psychic ambiances and Owen Thomas on Guitar to offer a bit of much needed crunch.

Influences include everything from Emmet Williams, Laurie Anderson, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Yellow magic orchestra, through to James Brown and the spoken word records of Tony Hancock.


B.A. Johnston “This is what 110% smells like” TRAILER

B.A. Johnston – No Frills (with intro)

B.A. Johnston – Deep Fryer In My Bedroom (Live)