The Field

The Field

Fri 27 Oct 2017 8:00 pm

Tickets: £15.00

Axel Willners The Field / Ambient motorik electronica
One of only two outings to the shores of the UK booked for 2017, the other being Manchester.

‘The Follower (LP) places him alongside Caribou as a master of emotional reverie’MOJO

‘Surrender to his bewitching music’ –

Writing about any music is pretty much impossible when trying to match the writing to what you’re writing about. It’s even harder to imagine doing so with Axel Willner’s work as the Field.

You’d have to somehow be able to repeat the same sentence over and over again, sometimes with small changes, sometimes the same, without getting tedious or pointless. Because Willner, maybe above all else, specializes in that kind of repetition that not just implies but feels like propulsion (the way wheels go spin in a circle but go forward too). And if you’re really following the Field’s technique, the sentence or sentences probably couldn’t be made up of full words either, given his love for and skill in manipulating samples of syllables and phonemes without ever quite coalescing them into linguistic meaning.

The Field’s motorik heart/pulse music never feels obtrusive, it’s ambient in an all-encompassing way, and this LP is maybe his most steadily consistent album to date.

Keith Levene said about the power of repetition in music, albeit in his case about guitar playing: “If you look at it for a second, you’ll see a white wall… If you keep looking at it for five minutes, you’ll see different colours, different patterns, in front of your eyes.

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