Sun 08 Apr 2018 6:30 pm


Tickets: £8.00

Ramsgate Music Hall presents BLOOM.
A trio of fantastic female artists.


Abi Wade is a musical collaboration between limbs, strings and vocal chords. The cello is the backbone to her songs, however, the Brighton based musician is no ordinary solo act and uses her instrument in a unique way; using it as a percussive instrument; hitting it with sticks and beaters while plucking and bowing it, often simultaneously. In addition to playing the cello in this unconventional manner, she also sings and uses a cajon and tambourine on each foot to become the ultimate one woman band.


A French singer, songwriter, producer and programmer who is signed with One Little Indian Records. She was included in The Guardian’s Future 50 Rising Stars: “not only does Sarasara share a record label with Björk, as well as an alien, future-facing aesthetic, but this French producer-singer has a passion for wiring tech into her tunes, too. A coder whose former occupation was a project manager for an apps company, her music is robotic: pitting African instruments against squelching, mutant machine beats. Her debut, Amorfati, also features co-production from the official authority on oddball creations, Matthew Herbert.”


BABII, previously known as KUB, is one girl, using every limb available to make dreamy electronic music with an edge. The songs are based around themes of temptation, venomous relationships, and many other cruel wonders of this World, decorated and disguised with the dulcet tones of pretty singing and electronic textures. BABII is currently recording her long-awaited debut album. She is a true RMH favourite!