Go-Kart Mozart

Go-Kart Mozart

Sat 05 May 2018 7:30 pm


Tickets: £14.00

Go-Kart Mozart – Live in Ramsgate 5th May 2018

“The erstwhile Felt and Denim frontman, the innately enigmatic Lawrence, is doing his best work right here and right now“  – 10/10 Record Collector!

If you haven’t heard this LP, it really is the most commercial set of songs Lawrence has ever released and it is definitely, absolutely the top most pop album of the year. It can’t be topped and it won’t be stopped!

It is rare to find an album on which you enjoy every song and play both sides about equally – I believe Lawrence has come up with one – Mozart’s Mini Mart is that album.

“This, without question, is the most effervescent and creative album of Lawrence’s extraordinary career” 8/10 The Quietus

On this record Lawrence adopts the persona of ‘the sardonic Lucifer,’ a devilish character who pin-pricks his way through a myriad of absurd scenarios while dragging a bin-bag of pomposity and injustice to the council tip of songdom!
All this is done with the usual Mozart tongue in cheek witticisms – it’s as if Orton met Coward on the way to the kitchen sink. 


Go-Kart Mozart – When You’re Depressed

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