Tim Edey & Luke Daniels

Tim Edey & Luke Daniels

Thu 10 May 2018 7:30 pm


Tickets: £11.50

BBC award winning folk singers melodeon & guitar
PLUS the world’s only electric polyhon machine!

Two of the British folk scene’s top performers have teamed up for a limited number of shows this year to perform their own and each other’s music.
Since Daniels landmark solo statement What’s Here What’s Gone in 2014, he’s put down several more markers on the musical map. Revolve and Rotate saw him transporting the 19th century’s closest thing to hi-fi, the giant steel discs of the polyphon, to modern transcription.

All in the context of a 20-year career playing melodeon for acts like Jethro Tull and Riverdance.

Tim Edey is a multi-instrumentalist and singer voted BBC Folk Musician of the Year in 2012 who has toured the world and recorded with The Chieftains and Natalie MacMaster.

Now a name in his own right and considered one of the finest ever melodeon and guitar players in Celtic and contemporary roots music.

This double header/duo show promises to be a stunning mix of instrumental virtuosity and all a highly entertaining night of musical genius.


Tim Edey – Little bird on RTE

Tim Edey – Illawarra Folk Festival

Luke Daniels – Three Servants

Tim and Luke together