Fri 15 Jun 2018 7:30 pm


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Think Devo with a serious edge… Excellent!

Omni are a breezy combo of lo-fi nonchalance that pay homage to post-punk forebears like Pylon, Wire and Devo.

Strung taut with wiry guitar and incisive rhythms, their approach is not without plenty of sneaky, danceable melodies to round off the hard angles. Indeed, ‘Deluxe’ their debut represents a steady cruise through the disenchantment of 1979.

‘Multi-Task’ is an improvement to that surefire philosophy. Where the guitars are kept noodling perfectly strict and razor-sharp, allowing silvery tone vocals to breathe in a way that summons the art and funk of Roxy Music, or occasionally even the cheekiness of Sparks.

On the road for a solid year and left to finish the record in between tours, Omni ratchets the fidelity higher as the punk gets more ‘proto’ and less ‘post’ — welcoming in the eccentricities of this trio!


Review: Multi-task
All the hallmarks of Omni’s debut are present and correct: jaunty, stop/start arrangements, intense guitar melodies, muffled vocals and a propensity for the poppier side of post-punk. It doesn’t quite have anything as immediately appealing as Afterlife here, in fact it’s much more of a grower, but over time Multi-task proves itself to be a triumphant lesson in post-punk authenticity – 8/10 The Skinny

Omni deliver the songs with all the punch of a band twice their size. They beat the tar out of the sophomore slump and come away with another instant classic album – 8/10 All Music

Omni – Wire

Omni – Equestrian