2. Blood Sport vs GIANT SWAN
  3. The Lovely Eggs
  • Shit and Shine _ Friday night bomb shell!

    Shit and Shine _ Friday night bomb shell!

    Utter madness and excitement unfurl this Friday night.
    Miss it, don’t be a dumbo!

  • Hundreds... finest synth-pop!

    We love Hundreds, and I’m going hoarse telling Darkest Kent to listen to ‘Aftermath’ their great new album – Pop down tonight and take a look for yourself!

    What’s not to LOVE!

  • WIRE



  • Last Harbour – Magnificent, doom filled rock!

    A collection of songs that should appeal to anyone enamoured of Mark Lanegan or Tindersticks – Sunday Times. Playing their latest LP ‘The Firefly & the Half Diamond’ this is a genuinely uplifting, melodic & sophisticated set of songs.

    This Wednesday is looking a bit tasty!

  • Richard Rozze Group – brilliant jazzy-blues man

    This Saturday night!
    English jazz guitarist Richard Rozze’s stunning debut album Learning to Fly is causing a stir with its eclectic mix of progressive jazz, Pat Metheny-ish rock, folk and Americana.

    Accompanied by the mega talents of sax man Paul Booth (Stevie Winwood Band) and Malcolm Edmonstone (piano), Dave Whitford (double bass) and Andrew Bain (drums).

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